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Camera Security

Camera Security

As a security device, a video camera is an excellent tool for capturing, recording and preserving visual events onto various media. From simple one-camera systems with remote web-enabled viewing, to more complex DVR solutions that dovetail with Access Control devices, we are experts in the design and installation of these systems.

Card & Keypad Security Access

Card & Keypad Security Access

Looking for access control that is electronic? Do you need to audit who has entered your workplace, or who has left? Need to control access in facilities across town or across the state? Concerned about Time Clock accuracy or management? Could the DVR be used in tandem to authenticate the use of your access control system? You Bet! Ask us for advice.

Biometric Security Solutions

Biometric Security Solutions

Nothing is more unique than you. You are also a credential you cannot misplace or lend to someone else. Used to reinforce existing access control systems, Biometric based products are truly outstanding at authenticating user access.

Key & Smart Key Access

Key & Smart Key Access

We can duplicate or reproduce almost any key made. We are also experts in Controlled and Managed Key systems. Instead of carrying lots of keys on a huge key ring, we can design key systems that allow or deny personnel access to the same door using one key inserted into the same keyway. Give us a call to find out more.


Harvard University - Leverett House

Mac-Gray Corporation

I'm writing to thank you for all your help so far this year at our Woburn facility. From access control to monitors and intercoms, your assistance has helped us protect our people and our assets and keep our work flowing efficiently (visitors, deliveries, warehouse entrance, etc).

I also appreciate your speedy response the one time we needed an adjustment to our intercom system at the reception desk. As I've said before, your work is always neat and professional - I greatly appreciate that.

You have certainly earned our loyalty. "Thanks!" on behalf of the Mac-Gray staff.

A Few Of Our Customers

Century Bank
Metro Credit Union
Hampton In
Micro Computers
Mac Gray
Saint Clement junior-Senior High School
Medford Police


Additional Testimonal

Harvard University - Leverett House

Harvard University - Leverett House

Chose Artery to replace their stolen Master Keys. Though it may be costly, Leverett Superintendent Warren Nugent, said that the new lock system will be an improvement in terms of security.

"Safety is always a priority, and the system we're putting in now is a lot more secure," he said. "The new setup will be [such] that one master key will not hit all of the rooms."



At Artery Lock Technology Group, (ALTG) our mission is to evaluate your companyís current Security objectives and apply intelligent and innovative solutions to your project. We are experts in designing, implementing, installing and supporting high quality camera, biometric and traditional access control systems from the worldís leading manufacturers. We pride ourselves in a consultative approach to our relationship. Our recommendations are made with honest objectivity and tempered by reasonable expectations. Your safety is our greatest concern. We will Integrate these systems into your existing security plan or design a new program using a holistic approach. Our roots are solidly placed having been founded over 40 years ago as a family owned and operated lock key and safe company. We endeavor to carry these traditions and family values forward into your project with applied cutting edge technologies, clarity and aplomb.


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